Foodpeople aims to be a no-compromise no-nonsense, game-changing and value-adding Danish food business

Foodpeople want to create a no-compromise/no-nonsense leading the way food business that challenges the established food industry. We want a business of proud cultures and a passion for food.

Sustainability is key. We produce with high quality organic ingredients only. We believe that you can taste craftmanship and clean pure ingredients. We represent an exciting, responsible and fun workplace. Foodpeople strives to act and deliver value, and thus as a company to appear as an even stronger, flexible and professional partner.

Our starting point is in Italian and Danish craft and gourmet traditions – originating in our Copenhagen bakery collective consisting of Il Fornaio, Jalm&B and Trianon. Il Fornaio is uncompromising Italian bread and food products, Jalm&B represents a contemporary and urban perspective on Nordic bakery and food products, and Trianon’s represents authentic classic Danish baking and pastry products.

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Sustainability and accountability

Foodpeople is a business largely lead by values and purpose. Sustainability and taking responsibility is therefore fundamental to our self-perception and actions. We were Denmark’s first slow food bakery – as we were already in the 1980s rebelling against the industrialization of baking in Denmark. We were also the first to convert 100% to organic, when accessibility and quality in the early 2000s allowed us to convert. We have for several years actively contributed to the Danish Organic Farming Association, the Whole Grain Partnership and a large range of projects focussing on the issue of  food waste.

We are a diverse business with more than 12 different nationalities and have close cooperation with the municipality and authorities for the inclusion of unemployed, challenged young people as well as refugees. Our CSR strategy and thereby our sustainability goals are constantly evolving and, in our opinion, must never stagnate. The strategy has evolved from our uncompromising demand on organic ingredients to include a focus on food waste, power 100% from wind energy and not least inspiration and communication. We highlight in our vision that we want to challenge the established Danish food industry. Therefore, we not only focus on organic ingredients – but have a constant focus on innovating and developing. Our CSR strategy is based on the UN’s 17 world goals for sustainable development – from which we identify solutions and goals.

Where it all began

Foodpeople became a reality in 2016 when CEO and owner Susanne Boye Nielsen and the founders of Il Fornaio took over the renowned Trianon bakery, founded by Baker Jørgen Anton Ludvig Vinther in 1940. Foodpeople is established as a bakery collective consisting of Il Fornaio, Jalm&B and Trianon. Foodpeople is based on the foundation and the no-comprimise/no-nonsense approach to craftmanship and superior pure ingredients known from Il Fornaio. Jalm&B became a reality at the merger of the company and the brand is create on the best of both worlds – with a contemporary Copenhagen twist and drive.

The history offers many highlights – for example, Il Fornaio was established in 1988 by Elvio Milleri and Edelvita Santos Milleri. The couple have been running the Era Ora restaurant since 1983 and 1997, Era Ora receives its first Michelin Star – a level and honour they have maintained ever since, with now 23 consecutive stars as evidence. The connection to the restaurant also emphasizes Il Fornaio and later Foodpeople’s chef’s approach to baking. Today, we have several chefs employed as food missionaries and product developers. Foodpeople remains a private company where ownership is shared between Elvio Milleri and Susanne Boye Nielsen, who is also acting CEO.

We want to be a no-compromise no-nonsense, game-changing and value-adding Danish food business

It is our responsibility to protect, develop and pass on the craft to the next generation – Elvio Milleri, owner and founder.

What we believe in

  1. No-nonsense and no-compromise on ingredients and craftmanship – organic naturally
  2. Passion, curiosity and a love for food is contagious
  3. Taking the time needed – long fermentation for achieving best possible taste and texture
  4. Having a chef’s approach to baking elevates innovation and product development
  5. Sustainability is about taking responsibility, inspiration, opportunities and acting
  6. Strength that comes from people diversity as well as diversity of craft